I am a creative designer
driven by the idea that
joy is a catalyst for creativity.
My architectural training and strategic mindset provide me with a unique perspective, infused with the Nordic Design School's core values of simplicity and clarity.
With an extensive experience in multiple types of advertising projects and a multifaceted skill set that spans branding, packaging, digital design, 3D design, compositing, retouching, architectural visualization, and 2D/3D animation, I'm well-equipped to create innovative 360 advertising-marketing solutions that pop with energy and enthusiasm.


The Client wanted a logo with the face of a warrior woman to express her personality. I proposed her to have a full body pose, and not to be fighting or violent. A standing ferm stance would have a protective, firm and confident feel. Also the a spear will help along with this feel.
Than I drew it :) pam pam

In 2020, during the pandemic, the independent workers in Luxembourg created a facebook group and an assciation to raise awarness of there precarious situation. I helped with the branding.